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Germany Bernd 2021-05-14 20:11:03 ⋅ 12h No. 114494
I'm a semi-bernd. I'm not really a keinbernd, but I have managed to get laid before and I haven't given up on life. My last phase of being on dating apps was not very succesful. I managed to get one date per week for a couple of months, but they didn't lead anywhere and then my matches dried up again. Since there aren't any good alternatives atm to get laid or gf, I will go back to dating apps. But I want to prepare the best way I can and if there is interest I will keep you updated. If not I'll stop posting about it. Anyway, so here is phase 1): - Getting good photos - There are a bunch of photos I have used on dating apps and I noticed vastly different success rates depending on which pictures I used. (Text descriptions were also different but I'm not sure how much they mattered.) For example a picture shot by a professional photographer seemingly doubled my matched, a picture with a cute dog quadrupled my matches. Photos are the single most important factor for getting matches and the first important step. There are a bunch of guidelines on how to take good pictures and even empirical data about what kind of pictures lead to matches (I will elaborate in an upcoming post). But for now I want to recommend as a way to test the attractiveness of the pictures you already have. I will test all pictures I have and take new ones and test them, until I have 3-4 pictures that are rated above average in attractiveness. In the next step I will research which kind of picture is best for online dating, how to take such pictures and maybe go a bit into editing photos. (By that I mean cropping, adjusting lighting etc, not changing the face or things like that.) Any thoughts so far?
Germany Bernd 2021-05-14 21:40:05 ⋅ 11h No. 114500
>>114499 Pictures never portray you 100% realistically, anyway. And if you have 3-4 different pictures, I think someone will still get a somewhat realistic view of what you look like without catfishing. I'm also trying to improove the way I look irl, though. I have started doing a skincare routine, which also just makes me feel nicer. And having a fresh haircut and trimmed beard vastly improoves my looks.
United States Bernd 2021-05-14 23:45:17 ⋅ 8h No. 114501
>>114500 Fag
Germany Bernd 2021-05-15 01:01:46 ⋅ 7h No. 114506
So you really want to be reduced to your looks and be chosen only by them? This alone is a reason why I never even downloaded a single dating app. I'm not a product in a supermarket that people choose based on its package and price tag, and I also don't want to find my love that way. I can not imagine that long lasting and happy relationships are born on these apps, at least not many.
Germany Bernd 2021-05-15 07:37:27 ⋅ 1h No. 114516
>>114506 Nah, but looks are always the first step and being attractive has benefits outside the dating world, too. With photofeeler and skills around taking and editing pictures, I will be able to make more professional pictures of myself for business purposes and find ways to improve my looks irl. Attractive people get more promotions, earn more, etc. I also want to improve my personality, but that will be a more difficult project. And in the world of online dating, looks come first and then personality, which is what texting and dates are for. However, I agree that dating apps are inefficient and overall not a very good investment of time. But in the present situation I don't see any other way to make meaningful connections with women. And in the past I have managed to get a very nice fwb for a while and got a friend from using tinder. Once the opportunity for more real life interactions arises, I will go there, too.

Netherlands Bernd 2021-05-15 04:02:12 ⋅ 4h No. 114510
I can't fucking sleep
Mongolia Bernd 2021-05-15 04:46:00 ⋅ 3h No. 114514
I heard it on YouTube yesterday, it’s kinda sad and I hope the people are alright
Mongolia Bernd 2021-05-15 05:00:39 ⋅ 3h No. 114515
You know it’s funny, at first I thought they were fireworks

Mongolia Bernd 2021-05-14 09:33:30 ⋅ 23h No. 114480
What's it like in Australia I heard it's a dangerous country But I've always wanted to live there
Mongolia Bernd 2021-05-14 19:41:48 ⋅ 12h No. 114493
Good to know, but I’d still go live there
Australia Bernd 2021-05-15 00:12:44 ⋅ 8h No. 114502
something like 90% of Australians live in the cities. Any place is dangerous if you don't take necessary supplies or precautions, I don't think Australia is much more dangerous than some other places - if you are going to the outback you just need to carry supplies and equipment necessary in an emergency. Wages are stagnating here and the economy is mostly resource economy. when the rocks run out this place will be one of the worst in the world to live in imo
New Zealand Bernd 2021-05-15 02:37:38 ⋅ 6h No. 114509
>>114502 Wages are stagnant across the entire world. Canada's taxation rate is more lax than Aussie, but Nz's is stricter and higher than both but better automated. They all come with their benefits and downsides.
Mongolia Bernd 2021-05-15 04:44:49 ⋅ 3h No. 114513
I love a good danger anyway

Germany Bernd 2021-05-11 18:41:45 ⋅ 3d No. 114365
Germany's next chancellor. Rate!
Turkey Bernd 2021-05-14 11:43:55 ⋅ 20h No. 114483
Well at least by the looks of Merkel you could tell she wasted her life on politics, this one looks like baltics tier generic puppet to me.
Germany Bernd 2021-05-14 20:32:37 ⋅ 12h No. 114496
Seems cringe but all German politicians seem cringe tbh
Germany Bernd 2021-05-14 20:57:47 ⋅ 11h No. 114498
German newspaper Bild said Putin is against her so I'm.
Turkey Bernd 2021-05-15 04:31:09 ⋅ 4h No. 114512
>>114498 based

Finland Bernd 2021-05-15 01:22:53 ⋅ 7h No. 114507
Finnish clay
Finland Bernd 2021-05-15 01:28:43 ⋅ 7h No. 114508
Turkey Bernd 2021-05-15 04:30:43 ⋅ 4h No. 114511
B..but finland is russian clay.

United Kingdom Bernd 2020-07-20 04:00:22 ⋅ 9mn No. 99415
What happens here? How do you guys feel about this country?
Germany Bernd 2020-07-20 18:38:39 ⋅ 9mn No. 99420
Central american shithole, High poverty and drug related crimes i guess. Dont know what to think about this country, there are so many small central american countries. Dont have a real opinion on them.
United States Bernd 2020-07-20 19:15:49 ⋅ 9mn No. 99421
i bet they have cheap whores
Slovenia Bernd 2020-07-20 21:58:21 ⋅ 9mn No. 99426
they have V-O-L-C-A-N-O-S
Sweden Bernd 2021-05-15 00:59:41 ⋅ 7h No. 114505
cute girls

Kansas Bernd 2019-12-05 01:43:03 ⋅ 1y No. 90130
>>90086 to all of em
Sweden Bernd 2021-05-15 00:58:27 ⋅ 7h No. 114504

Russia Bernd 2021-04-27 08:39:49 ⋅ 2w No. 113862
Paradise Russian Emirates Oil 1000$
Russia Bernd 2021-05-14 13:03:34 ⋅ 19h No. 114485
ты дудка
Sweden Bernd 2021-05-15 00:57:39 ⋅ 7h No. 114503

Saint Petersburg Bernd 2021-05-13 21:18:25 ⋅ 1d No. 114458
So, is this shithole still a circlejerk of 4 people with mod banning everything he doesn't like personally? I've left the place time ago, how things are going here?
Russia Bernd 2021-05-14 19:26:17 ⋅ 13h No. 114490
He's not banned so BO doesn't care much about the future of dis place
Germany Bernd 2021-05-14 19:29:57 ⋅ 13h No. 114491
>>114490 Oh, boo-hoo. All you contributed to this board in the last 3 months is crying for the ban of Slovenia. How is it possible to get so butthurt about a single poster that doesn't even spam/shitpost? Are you хорошо in heada, vladislav?
Russia Bernd 2021-05-14 19:31:59 ⋅ 13h No. 114492
>>114491 What I contributed to this board is the fact that you're all here lmoa No disrespect to BO though, just cannot agree with his decision.
Germany Bernd 2021-05-14 20:34:52 ⋅ 12h No. 114497
>>114492 So you were the russian who advertised this board around september 2019? Because that's the time I learned about this place. I thought that was the BO.

Mongolia Bernd 2021-05-14 16:29:08 ⋅ 16h No. 114489
Russians, can you give me the name of this cake? Россияне, вы можете дать мне название этого торта?